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Mar. 31st, 2011

Title: Anger management (Second Step – Dance around)
Pairing: Sniper/Spy
Chapter Rating: PG (I guess?)
Chapter Warnings: mild violence, badly written accents
A/N: The second chapter. I wrote all this while I couldn't play myself due to internet problems. I guess it shows |D


"Oh man, why can't I just barge in like I always do?", our Scout complained quietly from behind me. I laid a finger on my lips and waited, until we both heard the characteristic beeping of a sentry. The REDs had noticed that we were attacking more openly and in a more organised way, thus most of them had withdrawn into their base – their Engineer was one of them. Usually, his sentry stood out in the open, but now its sole purpose was to protect the intelligence and instead of keeping us BLUs out of their base. A mistake.

I cloaked myself with the help of my watch. If I had more time, I could've handled this more elegantly; still, the Scout's impatience was more than obvious. I sneaked into the room and decloaked behind the RED Engineer. I gave him no opportunity to turn around and backstabbed him, quickly sapping his sentry afterwards before it started to shoot at me. Good that the two of them had been so close together. "Go!", I hissed and sapped the dispenser, just for cosmetic reasons, while the Scout happily dashed into the room, grabbed the briefcase and bolted back right away.

"ALERT! THE ENEMY HAS TAKEN OUR INTELLIGENCE!", sounded the incredibly loud voice of the Announcer.

I hastily disguised myself again, this time as the RED Sniper, and murmured into my headset: "We've got the intel – just distract the REDs so I can kill them quickly." The others approved. This time it had to work, it just had to. Agitated voices were rising up in the RED base – no one noticed me yet, not even as I sneaked out of the passageway that led to the intelligence, since the whole RED team was concentrating on taking down our Scout. Due to this distraction, I was able to kill not only the enemy Medic, but also the Heavy. The Demoman, however, got me. With a frying pan. Not our finest moment.

As I respawned, our Scout had reached the bridge between our bases. My first urge was to immediately hurry outside to support him, until I noticed that the enemy had just taken our intelligence. We'd been grimly defending the whole day long, only once had the RED Spy managed to escape with our intel. If we got this point, we wouldn't win, but we wouldn't lose either. Given that the REDs didn't accomplish to capture our intel once more.

"'Kay, this does not look good here, um…", the Scout said into my ear. "Little help? Where are you guys, anyway?!"

For a moment I was torn between the enemy's and our intelligence, then I decided to defend. I hurried through the narrow hallway which spiralled down to our intelligence and promptly ran into the RED Soldier who was trying to make off as quietly as possible.

"Hey, tough guy, there's a Spy behind- aw, jeeze! Sniper, can you take out that-"

A rocket barely missed my head – thanks to my quick reaction – and exploded right behind me. I rammed my knife into the Soldier's shoulder, which didn't even make him flinch.

"Can any of you guys take out that shapeshiftin' rat?! Spy, where are you, I can't-"

And then our Scout let out a high-pitched scream that hurt in my ear, thank you, and suddenly, my field of view went black because the Soldier had changed to his shotgun and had pumped half a dozen bullets into my side and I was slowly dying. While my suit was soaking with blood, I fumbled for my revolver; I could not let him get away.

Peripherally, I registered how our Engineer decided to pick up the enemy intelligence that had been dropped as our Scout had died and how our Heavy and Medic steamrolled the REDs and how the BLU Soldier whacked the enemy Spy over the head with his frying pan and how our Pyro reflected the RED Demoman's grenades, because he had learned how to use the compression blast properly, and how our Demoman showed the RED Sniper the smiley under his uniform while our Sniper aimed at his counterpart…

And I managed to shoot only twice, but still, I heard the satisfying sound of bullets hitting the RED Soldier's flesh and hoped that it would suffice – and then the world went more than black and I couldn't hear my team anymore.

I had no idea how the respawn worked and honestly? I didn't even want to know – I was just glad it did. As soon as I was on my feet again in the resupply room, I heard the cheering outside. The day was over and it was a stalemate. But it felt like we had won.

"Okay, so whatever, he's sapped the sentry and acted like he knew what he was doin' – but afterwards, afterwards, he's just gone! And it's not like he returned or somethin', what was that crap? Was that supposed to be another, like, 'let them do stuff and yell at 'em afterwards about what they did wrong'?!"

As soon as I realised the Scout was talking about me, I stopped in front of the ajar kitchen door. I said to myself that it was my job to gain information and listened carefully.

"He does pay more attention to our mistakes than to those of the REDs", the Engineer allowed. He had always been polite to me, albeit never really friendly.

"He's a backstabbin' scumbag, that's what all the Spies are", the Scout muttered.

"I have to admit that I do not approve of his methods! You can't trust someone who stabs other people's backs without ever looking them in the eye!", the distinctive voice of the Soldier barked. He didn't seem to be capable of… not barking, actually.

"D'ya know where our intelligence was shortly before the fighting was over?" The Sniper. Naturally. Who else. And now he would blame me for almost losing our intel to the REDs. "On its way to the enemy base. And do ya know why it didn't arrive?"

A short pause. Then the Scout understood what the Australian was getting at and groaned. "Oh please, you wanna tell me how heroically he defended it? Could it be that you two ganged up or somethin'?"

"As if." He snorted and I almost did the same. "I can't stand him either. 'M just sayin' that you're judgin' him unfairly. Tactically, he's a genius. He's just socially retarded."

Oh, am I. Just so you know – my heart doesn't beat for filthy Australian jar men either.

I turned around and went for a short walk before dinner. Strangely enough, I whistled most of the time.

He didn't wear anything besides a rugged shirt and boxers as he opened the door of his camper. Oh, and his ridiculous sunglasses (did he even go to sleep with them!?). Despite the glasses, I could see how he blinked at me both dumbfounded and drowsily, as if I had three heads. He scanned me for a moment and I could see he asked himself the same question as I had done before when he noticed that I was fully dressed – suit, gloves, mask.

"Is somethin' on fire?", he mumbled and sounded like he hadn't gained full control over his tongue yet.

"As far as I know, nothing, no", I retorted calmly.

"Is this an April Fool's joke?"

"It's September."

"D'ya wanna go to bed with me?"

"Don't be ridiculous."

"What on earth do you want from me then, in the middle of the night!?"

"I've got a mosquito in my room." He stared at me and seemed to be considering whether I was making fun of him or not. "And I can't sleep. Oh, and I don't have any cigarettes left."

"I don't believe this. I don't bloody believe this." He shook his head uncomprehendingly, but still made way for me. I climbed into his van and took a quick look around. It wasn't the first time that I was here, but the first time in his presence and not self-invited (not that I had broken in here several times just for the heck of it, mais, non). "And then ye don't have somethin' better to do than to visit me of all people?"

"You've got a light sleep. Also, I can wake you up without alerting the whole base since you're sleeping out here. And you have cigarettes." I swallowed down what I really wanted to say (I've got no one else, no one I could wake up in the middle of the night, you're at least interested in me not being able to sleep, at least I think so, and if I'm wrong, then what I'm doing here is rather pathetic).

"Listen, mate, I know that you're pretty touchy and easy to irritate, but a mosquito? Crikey!", he muttered while he dug out a pack of cigarettes from somewhere and offered it to me. "Don't act all girlish, it's unbecoming."

I took one of the offered cigarette and said 'merci'. For a second, he looked like he wanted to reply something, but decided against it and just tightened his mouth sourly. It amused me to no end. "The noise makes me mad. As soon as it buzzes by my ear once, I can't sleep anymore."

Surprisingly, he nodded. "I know that problem. Sometimes have it with crickets, those bloody buggers. When there's a whole lot of 'em, they don't bother me at all, but when there's only one, all quiet-like… it's over."

By now, I had sat down on the narrow bench beside the small table and after he had dressed himself, he took the opposite seat. We both looked out of the window, as if there was anything particularly interesting. I wanted to ask him something personal, but I didn't know which question would upset him most: How his sister was doing? Or why he had messed up his mission in Sydney? I couldn't decide.

"Ye feel like teachin' me some cusses?", he suddenly asked. I frowned. "So that next time, I know what you're callin' me."

"As if all I did was insulting you", I snorted and knew at the same time that it was true (because the others would take it personally, right, but him…). "I also figured you couldn't stand French."

"I can't, I still think it sounds atrocious and always like you're bad-mouthing someone. That's exactly why I wanna learn real insults. What's the one with the 'f's, the one y'always say when ye can't think of anything better?"

"Va te faire foutre?" He nodded. I had to smile. "A word-for-word translation would be 'let yourself get fucked'."

"Is that even a real insult?", he pondered and looked at me, the sleep in his eyes fully gone. I returned his gaze.

"Judging by the way how desperate you must be, you probably think it's a compliment." I laughed heartily.

"Don't laugh at yer own jokes, mate."

"Can I have another cigarette?", I changed the topic and lit my second cigarette after stubbing out the first one.

"Remember how our Engineer told ya that the new ones have to do the dishes?" I nodded. "That was a lie."

"I figured."

"Why are ye still doin' it, though? For four weeks now?"

"If I accommodate you all and do a bit of what you tell me, then maybe you'll also accommodate me and do a bit of what I tell you." There was a short silence, then I said again: "Merci." I wasn't referring to something in particular (except for him defending me earlier and hating my guts and me hating his guts and him providing me with a second cigarette and somehow caring about me).

He wasn't really reacting to the word anymore. I would have to think of something else.

I couldn't remember falling asleep, but the next morning, I woke up stretched out on the both short and narrow bench in the Sniper's van. It wasn't long enough for me to fit my head and my backside on it at the same time and thus every muscle in my body was protesting violently. Yawning, I sat up and looked at the Sniper who had fallen asleep with his head on the wooden table and was still sleeping and drooling a bit. I couldn't suppress a smile and left as quietly as possible.

The Sniper didn't show up during breakfast which wasn't really surprising since we both had prevented each other from sleeping (and if not only out of sheer malice, then because we couldn't admit that we wanted to stay awake somehow). From the other team member's conversation I gathered that we wouldn't stay at 2fort for long.

"Up to and including ze day after tomorrow", the Medic explained to me. "After that, ve vill fight in ze Badlands."

"Most of time we stay a month in base", the Heavy added. "Then we move on. It is exhausting, but I like change."

"Gentlemen?" I looked at my fellow BLUs and lifted my eyebrows. "I will lead you to victory either today or tomorrow, but still at 2fort. I promise."

"Dream on", a sleepy voice murmured behind me. I didn't turn around, but the general attention shifted to the Australian.

"If all team members did as they were told, we would've won already", I replied sweetly.

He sat down beside me and stared at me accusingly, as if he wanted to ask 'why didn't you wake me up?', but he obviously didn't dare saying it out loud. Which probably was good (no, it definitely was good, because the others think that you can't stand each other, which you can't, really, but in all objectivity, they could misinterpret it).

"Then let's hear your miraculous plan for today", the Scout chipped in and sounded challenging, but not as provocative as usual. There was hope in his voice.


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